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  • 11/29/16- How to Maintain Healthy Teeth as You Age
    Posted by Carrie Cook
    As the years march on, you might find yourself looking less and less like yourself. Skin can start to wrinkle and your gait might show the signs of old injuries, but there is one part of your body that you can keep looking young and beautiful at any age: your smile... More
  • 11/29/16- MediSolutions - Medical practice solutions, healthcare analytics, patient engagement solutions, point of care marketing.
    Posted by Victoria Tan of
    MediSolutions is dedicated to simplifying healthcare. We believe that creating innovative healthcare solutions doesn't happen by accident... More
  • 11/08/16- Doís and Doníts for Physicians to Avoid Malpractice Lawsuits
    Posted by Roger Davis of
    "To err is human, to forgive divine." Ė Alexander Pope, an 18th Century English PoetThis quote can be used for most life situations, but mistakes and negligence on a medical practitioner's part can cause permanent harm to a patient's health. Regardless of how complex decision-making in medical care may be, physicians and other healthcare professionals need to ensure that minimal risks are involved when treating patients... More
  • 10/27/16- Cut Sheet Labels - Medical Labels, Custom Labels and Color Label Printer
    Posted by Victoria Hertz of
    At Cut Sheet Labels, we understand that printing medical labels right the first time is imperative for all medical products because stringent FDA guidelines have to be met. This will be especially important if you want to legally distribute your medical products in the United States... More
  • 10/20/16- Laser Dentistry and Its Benefits for Enhancing Dental Treatment
    Posted by Chau Hoang of CITIDental Tremont
    Laser technology has been around for more than decades. They have went from being pure concepts to now a standard in various medical fields, including dentistry... More
  • 10/20/16- How to Legally Document Delivery and Birth Injuries
    Posted by Jenniffer Pickard of
    It can be difficult to imagine that your infant would be at risk of preventable injuries during childbirth. Inherently, we expect that doctors and nurses are proficient at obstetrics, having delivered hundreds if not thousands of babies in the course of their career as medical practitioners... More
  • 10/14/16- 4 Reasons to Choose a Multi-Doctor Practice, Dental Partners of Boston
    Posted by Dental Boston
    When it comes to your smile, you can’t be too careful. Instead of blindly selecting a new dental office, you want to pay attention to online reviews and recommendations from friends, and even spend time driving around town checking out different dental practices... More
  • 10/14/16- 4 Healthy Habits to Form Today
    Posted by Mark Montie of
    Do you remember what your New Year’s resolutions were for this year? If you are like most people, you probably gave up on those changes before February rolled around. However, to live a happier, fuller, and more comfortable life, daily habits matter a lot... More
  • 05/18/16- 6 Things to Know to Ensure a Hassle-Free Visit to the Dentist
    Posted by Mark Montie of
    A visit to the dentist is not something that many people look forward to, especially kids. A painful tooth is a source of agony and the thought of a dentist working on it can be very worrisome... More
  • 09/23/16- How Has Medical Malpractice Law Changed In New Jersey?
    Posted by Richard Slack of
    Medical malpractice is one of today's most debated and legislated forms of personal injury law. It pits doctors against lawyers representing plaintiffs making claims of damages against them... More


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