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  • 01/19/15- Phlebotomy: An Interesting Career Option in Healthcare(Image Credit: play a key role in delivering patient care and help in preliminary diagnosis and disease detection. According to the Bureau of Labor Studies (BLS) the demand for phlebotomists is expected to see an increase of 27% in the 10-year period from 2012-2022... More
  • 10/29/14- What Big Pharma Fails to Tell You about Using Medical Devices
    Posted by Michael Georgiou of
    Thousands of people get medical devices implanted in their bodies every year with the hope of improving their quality of life. Millions in America are living with devices ranging from metal hips and pacemakers to IUDs, all in the hope that these devices are safe and will serve them well.The hopes of these patients are that these devices they get implanted in their bodies have been adequately tested and are safe... More
  • 10/29/14- Best Medicine
    Posted by Alan Berry of
    click here. ... More
  • 09/09/14- Personal Coaching I have just added personal coaching as a service. I have found that clients need guidance or validation which, helps improve the healing... More
  • 08/11/14- Osteopathy & Traumatic Injury
    Posted by William Foley of Boston Osteopathic Health
    “When a rock is dropped to the bottom of a lake it not only disrupts the column of water through which it falls, but it also alters the dynamics of the entire body of water. Similarly, trauma, typically a directed force, not only disrupts or distorts the human body along the path of impact, but potentially alters the dynamics of the entire organism.” J. Alexander, DO OSTEOPATHY AND TRAUMA In the 1870s, Andrew Taylor Still, MD recognized health can occur only when all of the parts of the body are in balance and function as a synchronized whole. Dr... More
  • 08/02/14- Schizophrenia Linked to Vitamin D Insufficiency
    Posted by Pamela Egan of Wellness and Anti-Aging Clinic
    Schizophrenia Linked to Vitamin D Insufficiency By: Pamela Egan A new study out of Iran has determined that individuals suffering from inadequate serum levels of vitamin D have more than double the chances of becoming schizophrenic than do people who obtain healthy amounts of the letter vitamin/hormone. Low Vitamin D Serum Levels Doubles Chances of Becoming Schizophrenic ... More
  • 06/06/14- All you need to know for healthy and beautiful teeth
    Posted by Bruce Roget
    Good oral hygiene requires brushing our teeth more than twice a day and flossing it regularly. A lot depends on our diet, lifestyle, and our oral hygiene... More
  • 04/30/14- Pregnancy & Osteopathy
    Posted by William Foley of Boston Osteopathic Health
    Pregnancy can be both an exciting and bewildering experience for women as their bodies naturally respond to hormonal and other changes that occur to accommodate the growing fetus. These changes allow for proper nutrition, growth and development of the fetus and are designed to facilitate normal passage of the infant during the birthing process. However, these normal physiologic shifts during pregnancy can cause issues for the expectant mother such as pelvic and low back pain, sciatica and morning sickness... More
  • 03/18/14- Come join our congregation
    Posted by Gisela DiCarlo of
    The Church of divine Healing Force is a ministry that made it their mission to educate and provide natural health information and knowledge to all people regardless of color or race. We are a congregation that encourages our Members to question and to research - check out our website More
  • 03/05/14- Health Education
    Posted by jack Osijo
    Health education is a social science that brings from the environmental, biological, psychological, physical and medical sciences to enhance health and reduce disease, impairment and premature death by educating individuals and communities to voluntarily change their behaviors to enhance their health and Health education is the progression of individual,community, group, institutional and systemic approaches to enhance health knowledge, behavior, abilities and attitude. The objective of health education is to positively impact the health behavior of people and communities as well as the living and working situations that impact their health... More


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