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  • 09/26/16- PinnerTest
    Posted by Ferit Rahvanci of PinnerTest
    Address : ARRAYIT LABORATORIES, 927 Thompson PlaceCity : SunnyvaleState : CaliforniaZip : 94085Country : United StatesPhone : (888) 296-6716 Other Phone : (408) 622-0008Email : info@pinnertest.comWebsite : :Some people can't digest certain food types.This maldigestion causes inflammation in your gut system and unwanted particles enter your blood stream. Pinnertest is a New Generation lab test, performed on a blood sample... More
  • 09/23/16- How Has Medical Malpractice Law Changed In New Jersey?
    Posted by Richard Slack of
    Medical malpractice is one of today's most debated and legislated forms of personal injury law. It pits doctors against lawyers representing plaintiffs making claims of damages against them... More
  • 09/15/16- Faulty Knee Replacements Land Manufacturers in Legal Hot Water
    Posted by Casey Flynn of
    It is one of the most common surgical procedures in North America, with a high success rate. The knee replacement surgery (total knee arthroplasty) or TKA is an important medical breakthrough that restores quality of life and independence to seniors, who would otherwise experience significant mobility restrictions, and reduced employability... More
  • 09/13/16- Medical Malpractice Happens Outside of Hospitals, Too
    Posted by Rhonda Hill of
    When you think of medical malpractice and personal injury, do you think exclusively of surgical errors or hospital procedural negligence? While some of the most unfortunate and sensational medical malpractice cases can stem from in-patient or major surgery treatments, or “never events” (which are the types of medical errors that should ‘never’ happen) there is an equal potential for medical malpractice from your family doctor, or from an urgent care clinic.What do you need to be aware of in terms of the treatment you receive at a clinic or from your family doctor? We’ll review some of the common areas of malpractice in small health practices, and what to do if you suspect you, or a member of your family was a victim of negligence that caused undue health complications.Patients with Chronic PainDoctors are under increasing pressure to monitor the prescribing of certain drugs that are known to be addictive, and medications that have been found to be harmful over time when used excessively. At the same time, patients with chronic pain symptoms that are debilitating require treatments and resources that help them effectively manage the pain, so that they can carry on with normal activities of daily living.The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) provided a policy in 2007 that is called REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy), which is applied for opiate prescriptions... More
  • 08/30/16- 8 Points to Consider before Choosing a Nursing Home
    Posted by Andera Colon of
    Nursing homes are skilled nursing facilities that provide care for elders whose medical needs require the attention of trained nurses, but not the intensive care of a hospital. Most nursing homes provide custodial care including assisted bathing, feeding, dressing, and a high level of medical care... More
  • 08/30/16- 4 Situations When You Can Be Asked to Take a Urine Drug Test
    Posted by Nicky Gomez of
    Most readers will have already given a urine sample for medical or non-medical reasons at some point in their lives. Urine samples are collected and tested to track the presence of certain diseases, effects of medication, and to identify the presence of illegal drugs in the person's system... More
  • 07/22/16- 4 Important Things to Know about Phlebotomy The healthcare sector includes several clinical and non-clinical roles that provide high-quality medical careto patients. One such role is that of a phlebotomist, a medical professional primarily responsible for drawing blood from patients and collecting specimens for testing. Many a time, a patient’s symptoms aren’t accurate enough for a doctor to diagnose the disease and start the treatment... More
  • 07/22/16- Everything You Need to Know About Audits by Medicare
    Posted by Elizabeth Stepp of
    Every practice that treats Medicare patients will be subject to an audit by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Medicare is a government-funded program and, as such, its carriers are obligated to ensure that the services it pays for are reaching the intended beneficiaries, and that the services are necessary... More
  • 04/30/16- What to Expect When You Try Dentures
    Posted by Lawrence Calagna of
    With the passage of time, mankind is gradually adopting an unhealthy lifestyle. This holds true for our eating habits as well... More
  • 02/08/16- Dental Care: Top 4 Tips for Choosing the Right Periodontist
    Posted by Richard Vasquez of
    Have you been experiencing symptoms of periodontal disease such as bad breath, swollen gums, or sensitive teeth? If yes, you need to consult a periodontist right away.However, this does not imply that you seek consultation from the first random periodontist you come across. You want to do some research and ensure you're comfortable with who is going to be working on your mouth.You don't want to put your pearly whites or oral health at stake... More


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