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  • 03/18/14- Come join our congregation
    Posted by Gisela DiCarlo of
    The Church of divine Healing Force is a ministry that made it their mission to educate and provide natural health information and knowledge to all people regardless of color or race. We are a congregation that encourages our Members to question and to research - check out our website More
  • 03/05/14- Health Education
    Posted by jack Osijo
    Health education is a social science that brings from the environmental, biological, psychological, physical and medical sciences to enhance health and reduce disease, impairment and premature death by educating individuals and communities to voluntarily change their behaviors to enhance their health and Health education is the progression of individual,community, group, institutional and systemic approaches to enhance health knowledge, behavior, abilities and attitude. The objective of health education is to positively impact the health behavior of people and communities as well as the living and working situations that impact their health... More
  • 03/04/14- What is a D.O.?
    Posted by William Foley of Boston Osteopathic Health
    There’s a good chance you or a family member has been seeing a D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) without even knowing it... More
  • 03/03/14- Future of Alternative Medicine in 2014
    Posted by Shahina Khan of
    Gone are the days of reliance on allopathic medicine to find cure for all our ailments. Alternative medicine has proven to be a life saver for many of us who have poor tolerance for the harsh chemicals present in most prescribed and OTC drugs... More
  • 02/24/14- Primary evidence shows that CNS disorders can reduce the cancer risk
    Posted by jack Osijo
    Epidemiological research shows that diseases of the CNS such as Parkinson, Alzheimer and schizophrenia protect individual from cancer. The very remarkable example is Alzheimer's disease, which can decrease the possibility of enduring from cancer by up to 50%... More
  • 02/22/14- Medical Tourism in Singapore
    Posted by Yana G of
    Singapore is one of the most advanced nations in Asia. It has emerged as a top medical tourism destination... More
  • 02/22/14- Clinical Trail Regulations in Singapore
    Posted by Yana G of
    The Health Products Regulation Group of Health Sciences Authority (HSA) of Ministry of Health, Singapore Government makes sure that drugs, novel therapeutics, medical devices and health-associated products in Singapore are shrewdly regulated to meet proper standards of safety, efficacy or quality throughout the developmental life cycle of these products. Clinical Trail Regulations in Singapore comes under the purview of the Medicines Act (“the Act”) and are chiefly controlled by the Medicines (Clinical Trial) Regulations (“the Regulations”), promulgated under the Act. The Singapore Guideline for Good Clinical Practice (“SGGCP”), which follows the mock-up of the International Conference on Harmonisation Guideline for Good Clinical Practice, is integrated into the Regulations by reference, making it a statutory duty for sponsors, principal investigators and certificate holders to be in agreement with the provisions of the SGGCP... More
  • 02/17/14- Our Google+ page
    Posted by Graceful Acupuncture of Graceful Acupuncture
    Graceful Acupuncture's google plus page: ... More
  • 02/17/14- Follow us on twitter
    Posted by Graceful Acupuncture of Graceful Acupuncture
    You can follow Graceful Acupuncture on twitter: ... More
  • 02/17/14- Graceful Acupuncture's website
    Posted by Graceful Acupuncture of Graceful Acupuncture
    Graceful Acupuncture focuses exclusively on acupuncture for pain relief. You can find more information about acupuncture for pain relief on our website: More


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