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Monday, Jan 21, 2013
The Basics of Colon Hydrotherapy
Today's sophisticated technology and state of the art equipment promote both safety and sanitation of this popular cleansing practice. Colon therapy, also called colon irrigation or a colonic, consists of a gentle washing action using purified water that reaches throughout the colon. The washing action removes old toxic materials from the colon, gives the colon a water aerobic exercise that stimulates both peristalsis (movement) of the GI tract, and release of toxic bile and waste from the liver. It also increases the body's ability to absorb more water and nutrients. The human body is nourished not only by what we eat, but also by what is absorbed. The body's health and ability to rebuild itself depends completely on the type and quality of food consumed and assimilated. Real nutrition involves giving the cells of the body the nutrients that they need. When we eat foods that don't meet these requirements, our cells cannot regenerate and repair as they should. We age more rapidly and do not enjoy the health we might otherwise have. The colon's role in this process may be the least understood and most neglected of all the major digestive organs. When the cells of the colon are laden with old wastes and toxins that have not been properly eliminated, nutrients from new food can't be assimilated, and old wastes create toxins that pollute the body. Anyone can benefit from internal cleansing. Those of us whose diets have been high in refined and processed foods have a greater need for colonics. Any condition that inhibits one from having normal bowel movement, such as constipation, diarrhea, heavy metal toxicity, weight gain, allergies, headaches, skin problems, and many others, have found improvements by receiving this treatment. Typically, people need 4-6 colonics, close together (around twice per week), to establish good muscle tone and good evacuation of toxins and debris. The condition of your colon and overall health will dictate how many more you will need. The recommended norm is 10 to start, and then follow-up maintenance treatments spread farther apart.Click Here for Provider's Detail Page
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