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Rolfing is a body-based practice specializing in Connective Tissue Manipulation and Movement Education. Developed in America in the 1930's, the goal is to promote optimal health of the whole body and whole person. This is achieved by relieving physical stress and strain, and bringing the body into proper alignment with gravity.

Holistic in design, Rolfing Structural Integration's many orthopedic applications are derived from the biomechanical restoration of normal range of motion to motion restricted tissues. Rolfing views our structure and function as being interrelated, malleable, and capable of positive change with the appropriate therapeutic input. The focus of the work has evolved over the years to be about the client's mobility and efficiency, not aesthetics. The force used has evolved to be about precision and working with the client, not brute strength and working on the client.

Rolfing Structural Integration has been compared to a physical form of talk therapy. What Rolfing and talk therapy have in common is that they both deal with unresolved issues. Like psychotherapy, the unresolved issue(s) sit at the center of the complex surrounded by a web of adaptation. While talk therapy typically deals with how unresolved issues are stuck in time - or in the mind - Rolfing deals with how unresolved issues are stuck in space - or in the body. Practitioners of Rolfing Structural Integration believe that often there is overlap.

Written by Bruce Schonfeld

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